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Top Tips For Planning A Successful Business Conference

Nothing can compare to a fantastic conference experience for boosting your enthusiasm for your job and the work you do. Meeting like minded people, bouncing ideas off individuals in your field and making new friends. If you can get to have a bit of fun and socialise too then that's all good as well. Planning a conference is a lot more stressful than attending one, except maybe for someone giving their first ever presentation as the stress would have to be fairly high for that experience too!

Preparation and planning are key to a successful conference. Giving yourself plenty of time, at least a year, will give you time enough to work out any problems and get everything organised on schedule. But still you can expect something to go wrong on the day - it happens!

First step: Decide the goal of your conference. 

Do you want to increase sales? Do you want to get similar businesses together? Do you have a new product to launch?

Second step: Gather your team. 

Who do you want to work with? This is a hard task for one person - far too much stress!

Third step: Write your wish list. 

Who are your dream speakers? What would be the perfect venue? Which city or country would be the best location; home or abroad? 

Fourth step: Budget 

Can you afford to pay your dream speakers fees? How much will you have to charge attendees to cover the costs of venue hire, speakers (fees and travel expenses), marketing material and catering? What will be your refund policy? Do you plan to make a profit or just cover costs? 

Fifth step: Plan & schedule 

Set the date, find the venue, organise speakers, printers, caterers, technical team, recruit volunteers...and more!

Sixth step: Market your event. 

Use social media, emails, post, newspapers, business magazines, radio etc. to market your event. 

Seventh step: Enjoy the amazing event you created!

Eighth step: Evaluate the conference by seeking feedback from speakers and attendees so you can do an even better job next time!

Selecting the correct convention venue.

One of the biggest choices you will need to make is about the venue and your choices will largely be determined by the number of attendees you are anticipating and how you plan to set up the conference. Will your attendees require accommodation? Is the venue close to an airport for out of town attendees? Does the venue have car parking? What size rooms are available and how many people can they cater for in different arrangements? Do you require an open plan arrangement or an auditorium and stage option?

Many venues have dedicated event planners. Are their costs included in the fees you will pay for the rooms? Can the venue offer a catering option beyond water, coffee and snacks? Can they cater for disabled attendees or those with special dietary needs? When selecting a venue look at a number of different options to compare inclusions and work out the best option for your event. 

For a stunning venue with outstanding spaces and waterfront views in the heart of Wellington you should absolutely consider the range of Te Papa venues. Te Papa Venues offer venue room hire in Wellington with a wide variety of conference and meeting venues in Wellington. Choose from areas for intimate small group functions to elaborate trade shows and banquets. For more information on Te Papa venues function room hire in Wellington visit this link www.tepapa.govt.nz/visit/venues.

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